Mackie Digital X Bus Console

Professional digital production console with selectable operation up to 192kHz
Dual 15 touch-screen graphic user interfaces plus mouse control
Fully configurable I/O via rear-panel card cage and I/O option cards
Firewire I/O option for streaming audio to/from desktop or laptop computers
Twenty-five 100mm Penny + Giles motorized optical touch-sensitive faders
Full channel processing package including pre and post DSP inserts, parametric EQ and dynamics section
Mackie Control Universal Layer with built-in control for Pro Tools, Logic, Final Cut Studio 5, Nuendo, etc.
Support for select VST plug-ins, including the use of the Universal Audio UAD-1 Card
Full surround mixing and monitoring capabilities
Floating insert points for accessing external processing equipment from any channel, aux, or bus
Tape-style transport with memory location recall and weighted Jog/Shuttle wheel
Comprehensive automation system with event editing and dynamic/scene automation
LTC (SMPTE), MTC, MMC, and Word Clock sync
Various metering options, including VU meter, full size meter bridge, and scalable metering ranges
Full Control Room section including dual Phones, Talkback, Surround Level control and calibration to reference level
Multiple USB 2.0 ports for connecting CD ROM drives, Flash drives, keyboard/mouse, or other add-ons
Internal white & pink noise and variable tone generator with spectrum analyzer display

Its very available in stock at 4900Euro
with 24 months international warranty
Shipment Fee:30Euro

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