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Gamble Romania is a company able to provide over 100 customized products suited to four large sections of the world of gambling games!

We deliver products for:

1. Magicians
2. Private Games
3. Casinos
4. Personal protection against gambling games

WINNING is NOT guaranteed and furthermore, using the company's products to win money by cheating while in Casinos or Private Games is FORBIDDEN. Please be aware of the fact that in some countries cheating at gambling games is considered a crime and therefore punished by law.

Our portfolio of products is meant solely for your AMUSEMENT and NOT for making money in a non-legal way.

We are available any time at:

004 0720426253
004 0720GAMBLE
004 0740426253
004 0740GAMBLE

Products can be seen live in the laboratory or in the office through webcam:
MSN : gambleromania
Yahoo Messenger : gambleromania

For information and orders:
MSN : gambleromania
Yahoo Messenger : gambleromania
Skype: gambleromania

Our site is :, you will need password and you can get this calling 0040720426253.

Below you may see a presentation of our offer:

1. Contact lenses, custom designed in the laboratory, able to help the person using them to identify cards marked with invisible ink. These lenses are made on demad, in any color (although wearing them will not change the color of your eyes) and have a diameter between 10 mm and 3 mm. The company offers a 5 years guarantee.
2. Sunglasses that allow the person wearing them to see cards marked with invisible ink.
3. Cards marked with invisible ink. The process used by our company is highly professional and therefore the marking is done not on the surface of the cards but as part of the process of creating the cards. Also please note that we can do this kind of marking on all materials. The guarantee extends over 3 years.
4. Rummikub or Remmy or Okey or Mahjong or Domino. We can mark with invisible ink any piece of such games and this ink will only be detected by special contact lenses or sunglasses or special infrared minicameras (also provided by us).
5. We can create 8 types of invisible ink that can be detected only with our sunglasses, contact lenses or special microcameras.
6. Special micromeras that can instantly 'read' the playing cards or the pieces of Rummikub and than send data to an analysis software that mathematically computes your chances of winning.
7. Microcameras hidden in chairs, ashtrays, chandeliers, mobile phones, belts, paintings, poker tables, sensors, buttons, packs of cigarettes, pens - all products currently available in our offer, designed to maximize your winning chances.
8. Special tables with integrated microcameras that scan the playing cards / the rummikub pieces and send the information to a PC, over a transmitting range of 100 to 5,000 meters. The system comes with an special hearing device that ensures control over the game by collecting feedback on the data received by the PC.
9. Table games that allow you to change a card when playing, without the other players noticing.
10. Table games that allow you to change a card with another player, also without the other rest of players noticing.
11. Devices that allow switching a card with another (hidden in your sleeve or in a purse).
12. Tables that provide 100 success when playing dices. Any roll of the dices results in the desired outcome.
13. Cups and mugs that scan the content. Their design incorporates a microcamera that 'sees' whatever one puts inside (dieces, coins). The images can be transmitted to maximum 100 meters.
14. Special systems that are able to interact differently with every side of the dices, depending on the special solution applied on them
15. Miniature communication systems, discrete and easy to disimulate in your year. (they came in a variety of models and sizes).
16. Spying microphones with transmission on UHF, VHF, GSM.
17. Professional video scanner able to intercept all wireless transmission (video). They can be used as apersonal protection, by scanning an area and detecting the presence of any broadcasting devices.
18. Detectors and scanners ensuring a fair game.
19. Jamming devices for spy microphones, mobile phones, wi-fi tech, GPS, bluetooth, remote controls etc. These are all very useful in protecting yourself both in business transactions or in privacy or at the Casino.
20. Spy mobile phones. The company can create spy software for mobiles such as Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, HTC etc., that allow interceptions of SMS, voice calls (more than 20 functions). It is a very useful tool when you want to keep track of competition, children, partners etc.
21. Communication system through vibrations - MORSE CODE.
22. NEW!!! Control system special for Casinos (winning at every game or making the client lose every time).
23. NEW!!! Analyzer and winning system for slot machines.
24. NEW!!! Microcameras that can see through cards without them being marked.
25. NEW!!! Mechanism for winning at the electronic roulette.
26. NEW!!! Mechanism for winning at live roulette.
27. NEW!!! Remote controlled magnetic dices.
28. NEW!!! Rummikub or Okey or Mahjong or Domino with micro cips and recognition software.
29. NEW!!! Playing cards with micro cips and recognition software.
30. NEW!!! Playing cards with a code marked through invisible ink and phone, ashtray, purse with incorporated microcamera able to recognise the code and transmit it on a laptop (range of 5,000 meters). This way you'll have a sure win because from outside you'll be able to see the pack of cards used during the game. This is the strongest system in the world.

The number of products made by our company is over 100. As you can see above, you've only presented 30. The rest of the offer is for VIP clients. For collaboration, please contact us any time.

We are available any time at:

004 0720426253
004 0720GAMBLE
004 0740426253
004 0740GAMBLE

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